Sunday, July 31, 2011

The best laid plans....

Okay so I'm not necessarily known for being a "neat freak."  I am more the type that lets my house get COMPLETELY trashed then I have a nervous breakdown (which usually involves me stomping all over the house, yelling at Matt about what he needs to be doing and throwing things everywhere - including into the trash).  Every time I get to this point I think WHY do I let it get to this point????? 

SO...this summer I had determined I was going to keep my house in MUCH better order.  Lucky for dishwasher went out at the end of May meaning on top of normal housework I've also hadto handwash all my dishes - UGH. 

However to my own credit I've done a decent job this summer.  I've run the vaccuum more than once every other month (ha - seriously), kept the toys organized and in their specific bins (much to the detriment of Skater who says "but moooommmm I like a mess.") 

The trouble started this past weekend when we took a long weekend in Louisville.  Why does the art of me packing a suitcase mean my house gets out of control??? It's like my house vomits items into the middle of the floor when I'm not looking.   A couple of dishes in the sink turned into a sink full, clothes were in the floor and random crap was everywhere.  On top of this I went to IKEA for the first time on our trip - which I LOVE (thanks Brooke) and came home with new crap :).  Oh and I went to Target twice - WHAT? So for whatever reason I can't regain control.  Instead of my bed being neatly made every day as it has all sumer (for the 1st time in my entire life - sorry mom) it's a slumpy mess.  Laundry covers my bedroom floor, my bathrooms need to be cleaned - yuck!  

So today I woke up with a plan!  CLEAN THIS STINKIN HOUSE! - the problem is stinking to the plan!  Got up, went to church, ran to lowes (not part of plan), painted Matt's office (while he was home with this kids I might add)-DING- yes that is the sound of me adding a gold glittery star to my wife of the year chart hahaha (not part of plan), inlaws come for supper (not part of plan), baking oatmeal bars like the ones I had at Wendys the other day (not part of plan) and now here I sit looking at my junk, toys, randomness thinking I'll clean tomorrow :) - now I have a NEW plan!