Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My non-candy Valentines idea for kiddos

I hate giving my kids candy for things like Valentines, Easter, Christmas stockings - you name it.  Candy means fights.  Candy means begging.  Candy means messes and junk and not eating actual food.  I'm not crazy over sugar, chicken nuggets or junk in general.  I just always feel bad giving them an amazing stock of candy just to tell them no constantly because they don't understand why they can't eat it all.  It just doesn't feel fair to me.  Also candy x3 kids means candy in my face ALL THE TIME.  Temptation at it's finest.

Long ago when SK was still our only baby I decided instead of candy gifts I would get them something they could use.  I am not talking about making these smaller-ish holidays rival Christmas by any means.  When Matt and I talked, we decided to get them something they needed/could really use but that they would think was fun.

I came up with the idea of graphic tshirts.  Seems simple but my kids love character and funny tshirts.  I loved the idea of getting them something that they can wear and wear again.  Yes buying tshirts is SLIGHTLY more expensive than candy or something else for each kid, however it isn't buying them junk and it's more useful.  Old Navy has cute shirts that are not expensive at all.  I had a $20 reward coupon from my Gap card so I literally didn't spend any money at all.  .83 cents out of my pocket so that's easy!

When I got home I quickly made a cute little watercolor tag for each kid.  I want them to see little special details so they know that I have thought of them and make them feel special.  I also don't want to over do every single holiday - I wanted to do something small and simple and special.  Holidays don't have to be a gigantic production to make our little ones feel special.  I have to repeat that over and over in my head because I love to go big or go home.  I am really working this year on simplifying and making things special but for less and with less.  I am continuously reminded of a child's heart when my kids will love the simplest things and show me that they don't need big expensive things.  My kids fought in the back of my van for an hour while we waited for SK to get out of art class today over a little book that came in a Chic Fil A kids meal.  Literally something we got for free, they have kept up with it and had more than one fight over who owns the book.

I can't wait to see my kids faces this Valentines day.

A little on what I chose:  SK - the bulldog shirt is because we are all RIDICULOUSLY obsessed with my mom's bulldog Maxine.  Anything bulldog is a yes in our books.  For H - a cat shirt.  She LOVES cat shirts.  I love cat shirts.  Cats with a mustache, cats wearing glasses, grumpy cats, Hello kitty, anything cat.  So a bunch of little confetti cats making a heart - yes please.  And for W - Minions.  We love them.  Period.

Happy Tuesday!

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