Friday, July 11, 2014

Dish washing station

Matt and I have been working in our yard! We started earlier this spring building a deck.  After deck completion we added our chicken coop and run.  After all this building and work we needed a break!  

We are slowly but surely getting around to cleaning up around the deck and coop and making it look more finished.  While we were working our kids played outside.    They rode with us to get each load of rock.  I don't know what it is about me wanting to load everyone up and go too but we always seem to do these trips as a family.  

That being said we needed them to keep busy in the backyard.  I needed happy kids, who were not crying, and could leave us alone to work for a bit.  I had seen an idea for a dish washing station back a while ago and filed it away.  We had an old clear bin laying in the yard and a lightbulb went off!!!  

 After we ate lunch I gathered some plastic dishes, sponges, scrub brushes and a drying tray.  I put a little soap in a couple of old soap containers, filled them the rest of the way with water fot "soap."  I put a lot of soap in the clear bin and filled it half way with soapy water.  The trickiest part was carrying this heavy and awkwardly sloshy bin to the play area without getting drenched!  I am happy to say I busted out beast mode and didn't get soaked!  

The kids loved it and happily played throughout the afternoon!  If you know W he hates getting wet so we did have to listen to his whining about getting soapy water on his clothes.  Apparently logic and reason has left him because he stares at a bin of soapy water, accompanied by his sisters, sets out to play, and seriously thinks he won't get wet/soapy, or that his lovingly kind and considerate sisters won't at some point soak him to hear him scream.  So here are the pictures!  I love this activity because it takes something I have on hand, and with about 3 minutes of set up, presents it in an interesting and fun way.  

And we basically ended our day with this.... We are apparently all about safety here (especially since H fell out of a bar stool earlier this week- we thought her leg was broken- had it xrayed (it wasn't) but she had a severe limp all week.  - Matt may or may not have called her Tiny Tim all week-).  When I texted this picture to my mom she said one almost broken leg a week is enough! 

And a sneak peak of our yard!  

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