Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the go - quiet activity kit

Back a few weeks ago I found a cute little container and as soon as I laid eyes on it I knew I wanted to put together an on the go activity kit. I adjusted what I first assembled for my most recent need. My hubby was leading worship at our church as a sub for the normal music minister. Since daddy was going to be singing a lot we wanted to older 2 to be in the service to watch him. When they have stayed in "big church" before they are usually bored and not super quiet (which translates to me not being able to listen). I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try out the quiet activity kit. I decided to not only place engaging items, but quiet ones. Normally, play doh is a go to for us, but being that we would be in our church sanctuary we also needed things that wouldn't make a mess and would only take a moment to pick up at the end. Our little container has 3 levels and I decided to make each level a different activity vs just using the container as a toolbox of randomness of sorts. 

In the first level there is a built in divider so I gathered some loose parts and put something in each section.  I included colored noodles, dinosaurs, colored gems, plastic tops, seashells, and clothespins. 

In the middle section I wrote each of their names on a piece of thick paper and then included some leftover foam mosaic pieces for SK.  These are smaller, requiring better fine motor skills to complete.  For W I included a couple pages of yard sale stickers. I placed a couple stickers to start them along their name.  (The purpose of the activity is for them to trace their name with the stickers).  I also on this level included a small container of perler beads and some twine that I went ahead and put some tape on the end to make it easier to thread. 

On the bottom level I included some pieces of folded paper and markers for W.  For SK, in one of her birthday presents, she was gifted a new set of scribbler markers and a brand new small marker pad that I knew would be perfect for taking with us.  

They did wonderfully. They drew pictures and very much enjoy using markers. I did worry about them getting marker on the chairs or the carpet so I brought along some laminated mats with their names on them that I have for playdoh.  Sk used the loose parts and the beading materials and made this beauty of a necklace for her Aunt Michelle. Thank goodness I convinced her to bring it home and reuse the supplies or Aunt Chelle would have to find an outfit as amazing as this necklace to wear! 

Along with the activity kit SK brought a small backpack with a Waldo finding book, a hidden picture coloring book and some colored pencils, along with a little game where u move slides around until the picture is just right.  

I know this is overkill but I wanted to make sure I had enough things if they didn't want to do one they could do another.  I also didn't put this together just for today. The things that I pulled and included for the backpack are items we don't tend to play with unless we are on the go anyway.  I plan on leaving these things inside as well as keeping the activity kit with that so I can quickly grab as I am walking out the door and I won't have to redo anything again.  I intentionally designed this for multiple play times without having a lot of disposable one time play activities. In the kit all I need to get (I didn't have it on hand today) is a small little notebook for W instead of folded paper that way I am not switching anything at all.  

If any of you have little on the go activities please share them with me!!!! 

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