Monday, June 23, 2014

This is REAL life!

I recently ran into a friend at the mall. She and I haven't seen each other in ages and she mentioned loving all the kids activities and said she has no idea how I do it all. She said "you are superwoman!" After I finished laughing I said well it's because I have probably 6 baskets of unfolded laundry for one thing. She said well you should post that so I feel better. 

So here it is- some of the un-pretty areas of my house. I promise you I didn't move a thing - I walked in and took pictures as is.  Now- we have only lived in this house for 4 months so I will say there are some areas that I just can't get quite right. This area pictured below is one of them. 
This area houses my husbands treadmill, bags of animal food, our washing machine (which is just out of frame), bins that hold the kids activity stuff, and our dog crates. Basically it's awful.  I have a piece of furniture in storage that is being moved in soon to house a lot of the kid activity/craft stuff.  The dog crates and treadmill I can't do much about.  Matt and I have been brainstorming the best pet food storage situation.  One of the kids chores is feeding our dogs and cats so it has to be in a place they can get to it.  We also have chickens so we have to house chicken food and wood bedding chips.  
This is what it looks like.  People, (including me apparently because those polka dot rain boots are mine, come in from outside and drop their dirty shoes into a fun pile by the door).  I am working on a usable solution to keep our more outside-ish shoes like that but not in a big messy heap by the door! 
This is the kids playroom, it is also the direct path to our back deck.  This is why there is a pile of shoes by the door.  Also this is our dining room area because this room and our kitchen are just one big open space.  And if you can visualize behind where the picture is taken from is the laundry room - also open. So this room is a catch all and serves numerous purposes.  This room has all tile floor so we do many of our activities and painting here too! 

And.... Just for you Dana- the laundry! Everything you see is CLEAN! What is wrong with me? I hate folding laundry with a passion - obviously! Okay fine - there is also a basket of my clean clothes piled up in my bedroom too! 

So I just wanted to open myself up to show some of these areas because it's not all perfect and Pinterest will probably discontinue my account in shame.  I'm probably opening myself up to some judgement but this is how our real life looks. If you come over it will be picked up of course and actually during the school year when we are at work/school all day vs at home it's much better!  The summer provides us all day everyday to make messes and things to pile up! 

Happy Monday!  Now---- I should probably go fold some laundry! 

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