Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick water play activity

The kids spent the night with Gigi the other night.  Before I went to pick them up the following morning I filled up their water table with some fresh water and laid out some loose parts for them to play with. 

This activity stayed out for several days.  They ended up dumping cup after cup of water onto the deck, then scrubbing the deck with a pool noodle like a sponge.  They crack me up!  A water table is a simple idea anyone can set up!  Under the bed bins, dish tubs, even a big plastic mixing bowl makes a great container for water play!  Just fill something up with some water and add some interesting things in to play with!  I reccomend a strainer, measuring cups or anything they can pour.  I also added some loose items that would both float and sink.  I will admit I didn't expect the nuts to float.  

Happy playing!!!! 

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